Harnessing Hospitality

Today, we’re hosting the whole football coaching staff (JV & Varsity) of the Lourdes High School football team, (where I coach) over to our house for a good ‘ol Southern Bar-B-Q. When I coached at John Jay High School, we used to host the whole team to a meal at the church each year.  We’ve been doing this for about seven years now, and it always makes a huge impact.

There’s a hidden secret to hospitality that is rarely harnessed in our busy and hectic lifestyles today. When someone opens up their home to you, it’s very different than meeting someone for coffee or even treating them for dinner. All the preparation that goes into making and serving a meal speaks volumes to the guests at the table. It says, “We were thinking of you” while we were working to make this all happen. Some times, in the church, we extend hospitality to those who are in the family of faith, but what about outsiders?  Check out Jesus words in Luke 14:12-24 on the subject. It’s interesting that hospitality is a one of the qualifications of a Elder in the church mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:8.

So here’s my question for you today (as our house is filled with delicious smells), how well are you harnessing hospitality to impact the lives of those inside and outside the family of faith? You might be surprised to discover the difference it will make.

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