Get A Goals Program Going – 2

Over the years, I’ve seen lives (including my own) change dramatically due to the pursuit of worthwhile goals. Writing your goals down on paper will make you more committed to achieving them.


1.   FEAR – Reaching worthwhile goals can be risky.  What if I don’t reach my goal?  Many people avoid failure by not setting goals but they also miss out on many opportunities that can lead to good health, a happy family, satisfying work, financial success and, most importantly, self-fulfillment.  Some people fear success itself.  If they are successful, more will be expected of them.

2.    POOR SELF IMAGE OR SELF ESTEEM – They don’t see what is available for them because they don’t think they deserve success.  Also, they have difficulty recognizing and acknowledging their good qualities and gifts and, to do so, comes the responsibility to use those qualities.

3.   NOT CONVINCED IT IS IMPORTANT – They believe most of what happens to them is caused by external circumstances and not by the choices they make.  Having a goals program does make a difference.  Results of a famous study conducted by Yale University revealed that the 3% – 5% of the people who thought about their goals, were committed to writing them down and were persistent in working toward them, accomplish more than the other 95% combined.

4.   DO NOT HAVE THE KNOW HOW – Unfortunately, nowhere in our educational system do we teach people how to create a goals program. The benefit you will enjoy from having a goals program will definitely be worth the time and effort that is required.

NOTE: What you get by reaching your goals are not nearly as important as what you become by reaching your goals because what you become is the YOU God created you to be. Remember, one day everyone will say either, “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did”.

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