Get A Goals Program Going – 1

Every year we take a practice session with the high school football team I coach, to share how to start a goals program. We did it again yesterday and I was once again struck with how important and helpful a goals program is in life. We’ve also used a goals program with our leadership and staff at VALLEY Christian Church (where I pastor). It has been incredible to see God bless our church through this program of setting and pursuing goals. Here are some of the highlights of a goals program:

“Living without goals is like going on a trip without a destination and therefore without a road map.  If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up nowhere.  Life presents many opportunities for us yet, unfortunately, many people waste much of their time and end up nowhere without understanding why.  The good news is there’s something that is relatively simple that can change the course of anyone’s life, regardless of age, gender or circumstances.  That something is a goals program with a clearly defined set of goals.”

Some of the benefits of a goals program that enhance our lives are:

Motivation – goals give us a reason to act in a positive way.

Independence – goals help us take charge of our lives instead of going along with the crowd.

Direction – goals keep us focused on where we are going.

Meaning – goals give us a sense of purpose and a reason for living.

Enjoyment – goals prevent us from getting bored and make our lives more fun, interesting and challenging.

Fulfillment – goals help us reach our God-given potential as a person.

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