Courage Counts

This week is a big week in the Williamson house. Coaching football is underway for me (will be on the field for over 45 hours this week) and try-outs for field hockey have begun for our oldest two daughters, Michaela and Brooke. This is the first year Brooke will be  playing field hockey and we’ve been preparing her for it for the last three months. It’s not that she doesn’t have what it takes, it’s more that she has never liked trying anything new. This goes all the way back to trying new foods when she was a toddler to today.

Courage seems to be one of the critical elements of leadership and life in general. Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, uncertainty or intimidation. No wonder that God often tells his people to be “strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:6-7, 9, 18, 10:25 etc.) or “be of good courage” (Numbers 13:20, 2 Samuel 10:12, 2 Cor. 5:6, 8). If there is one thing that a leader will face, it’s uncertainty. That’s why one of the most important characteristics of leadership is courage. Courage to obey, courage to confront, courage to make the unpopular decision, courage to speak the truth and courage to think outside the box are all issues any and every leader will face. The critical issue about courage is that it isn’t developed overnight. It is cultivated over time and is resident in the heart until it is stirred into action.

Courage is so important to my wife and I as parents, that we have been very intentional to place our daughters in positions that will require and cultivate courage in their lives. We have done this, because we hold a deep desire to see our three daughters fulfill all that God has planned for their lives and we know that will never happen if they lack courage. I’m so proud to see how Brooke is flourishing after a couple of days of field hockey tryouts and I’m confident she will be better she faced this test of uncertainty with courage and got stronger because of it.

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