The Boys Of Fall

Today is the first day of double session for high school football here in New York. I love coaching football and this will be my 11th season doing what I love in the fall. Football has terms and a whole vocabulary all to itself. It’s literally like a different language. Over the years, I’ve heard some really great football quotes and phrases that I repeat constantly week in and week out in practice and during games. It’s often said that football teaches lessons that can be used for the rest of life. This is true for life and leadership in the church too! Here are a few of my favorite football phrases. It’s amazing how many can be useful in and outside of the experiences of ‘The Boys Of Fall’:

-Don’t make a bad play worse.

-Don’t pass one to get one.

-If you listen to the people in the stands, you’ll soon be sitting with them.

-Don’t let good enough be good enough.

-Potential never won a game.

-It takes no talent to hustle.

-Everybody loves a clown, no one respects one.

-The lowest man wins every time.

What about you? What football lingo do you know that can be applied to all of life?

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