Breaking The Tape

“One of the worst mistakes a leader can make is putting his life on cruise control. Good, effective and relevant leadership is all about lifelong learning. It is about being teachable, accountable, and proactive, and trying new things. Growth means taking calculated risks.” -Dave Kraft

It seems a little odd to odd, that in my early 40’s, I find myself thinking so much about the finish of my life. I guess I’m realizing I’ve probably hit the halfway mark. Recently, as a church leadership team. we finished reading Dave Kraft’s excellent book, “Leaders Who Last”. It is a thought provoking and challenging book for any leader in the church and I’d highly recommend it.

One thing is for sure, no one finishes well unless they plan and prepare to finish well. Great finishes don’t just happen. They must be strategically planned and executed. There must be built in times of honest evaluation and adjustments to make sure one is still on course. It takes daily discipline and “counting the cost” to finish well. It takes a commitment to personal growth, and lifelong learning (which means never being a “know-it-all). All these things together can be summed up in the word: HUMILITY. This is becoming an ever important part of my perspective as a husband, father and leader. Is this an important part of your  life too?

Here’s to the half-way mark!

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