5 Ways to Find Fresh Ideas

Sometimes even the most creative people get stuck in a rut and feel like they’re all out of fresh ideas. As a pastor/preacher/communicator/blogger here are a few things I do to stoke the coals of creativity:

1. Listen to Someone Else. This can be the most helpful to me. Hearing someone else preach/teach inspires and motivates. Often times, it’s not just the words, but the passion, style and delivery that also help to open my eyes.

2. Read a Book By a New Author. Don’t just stick to those you know best or always agree with. Pick up something controversial. It may be time to get off the well worn paths and venture a little deeper into the unexplored woods around you.

3. Stick With What You Know. The best sermons/messages flow out of life experiences and challenges. What have you been struggling with? What’s been on your mind? How has God used you to help someone else lately? What are the stories you’ve heard recently that have stuck with you?

4. Change Company. Maybe it’s time to get a new perspective by spending time with some new people (or people you just don’t know as well).

5. Get Out Of Town. New geography often inspires new creativity. Maybe it’s time for a change in scenery.

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