Why I Love Road Trips

Call me “Old Fashioned”, but I really do love ROAD TRIPS. It kinda seems like a part of American life that’s been forgotten with a lot of the emerging generation. Today, on a road trip back home from our family vacation, we headed north on I95 through the Carolinas and of course, passed the millions of bill boards for South Of The Border. Just seeing those signs took me back to when my family traveled that same route each year when I was a boy. All that time in the car allows for some experiences, that would be missed if we had chosen to bypass it all and fly as a family to our ultimate destinations. We decided to drive and I have no regrets about it at all. Here are some reasons I’m glad we made it a Road Trip To Remember:

1. Unhurried Conversations. That goes for my wife and I, as well as for the whole family. There’s just nothing like knowing you’re going to be spending hours on end in the car to facilitate some of those conversation that can’t be crammed into the schedule otherwise.

2. Reconnecting With Friends. We were able to spend lots of time with old college friends that we haven’t seen in a decade. Of course, it seemed like we picked up right where we had left off. We even decided to stay an extra day (because we were driving), to allow more time to connect. No flights to change or fees to be paid đŸ™‚

3. Story Time. While driving through towns to visit friends and family, it allowed ample opportunity to tell some great stories to our kids about their Mom and Dad that probably wouldn’t have come to mind flying the friendly skies.

In all, by the time we arrive home, we will have logged over 3,000 miles in the car as a family in the last month. We could have saved a lot of time had we decided to drive, and also saved a lot of great memories, experiences and conversations from ever happening. I’m sure glad we decided to take a Road Trip! I can’t wait for the next one!

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