Sunburn and Sin

It is my plight in this world. My fair skin just wasn’t meant for the sun. I apply and reapply sunscreen on a regular basis and still, it seems like sunburn is inevitable. As I am experiencing a little redness from the sun on my tummy today, I couldn’t help but thinking about how a sunburn is like the effects of sin in our lives. We try to cover-up and screen ourselves from the effects of sin, but no matter how careful we are, when we expose ourselves to it, we are ultimately going to get burnt.

Today, I thought I was extra careful and I didn’t feel a thing while I was out in the sun (for more than five hours). But as always seems to be the case, after about an hour of being back at our room (on vacation), I suddenly began to feel uncomfortable and irritated on my stomach.

The lesson here: Don’t try to kid myself, God just didn’t create me to be exposed to the sun like this (and God never intended for His children to be exposed to sin as well). If a little burn in this life can remind us of that, we never have to fear an eternal burn 😉

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