5 Things To Do On A Monday

Here’s is my list of the things that I like to do on Monday (my day off), that really helps to recharge my battery for the rest of the week.

1. Spend Time Alone With My Wife. Whether it’s lunch out together, going on a walk around the neighborhood, non-hurried conversation over a cup of coffee or all of these, time with my wife always refreshes me. She’s just awesome!

2. Read. Monday is the day that I like to catch up on my reading that isn’t work/ministry related. I especially like to read historical books or biographies on my day off.

3. Be Thankful. There’s nothing that refreshes a soul like giving thanks to God for all He has done in one’s life. I try to stay in a prayerful attitude of thanksgiving on Mondays and it really make a difference for me.

4. Daddy-time. There’s something about just being “Daddy” that always brings me new perspective and joy on Mondays. I love my three daughters. And I love Daddy-time!

5. Coach ‘Em Up. Often times on Mondays I also make my way to the high school where I coach football for their afternoon workouts after school. The high school is a completely different world (outside of the church) and it’s great to see my players and fellow coaches over the “off season”.

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